Chiang Mai Detached House Project

Perfection of Living

If you are looking for a detached house, Chiang Mai Ornsirin has a detached house project in Chiang Mai, which is ready to be your own home with the best location in Chiang Mai. Easy to access to anywhere with Ornsirin Detached House Project, Chiang Mai Province You can read reviews of each project here.

บ้านเดี่ยว เชียงใหม่ อรสิริน 11

Ornsirin 11

Mountain & Lake

Opposite Maejo University

2-storey detached colonial-style house with an outstanding identity in Modern Lanna style. It is the beauty surrounded with warmth from mountains and streams

Price starting from only 2.95 million baht

บ้านเดี่ยว เชียงใหม่ อรสิริน 14

Ornsirin 14

Natural Park
San Sai (old route).

It reflects the identity of the occupants. Living space is designed to be used worthily for 2-storey detached house and single-storey detached house


Price starting from only 2.49 million baht

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