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Project value

Million Bath

Company Profile

The company was founded by acquirring a small housing project and renamed as “Ornsirin 1” with a starting capital of 10 million Baht. With in only one year, the company was able to close the first housing project sale.


2007 – 2009
During these years, Thailand’s property boom has benefited our company’s sales revenue. The sales was gradually increased and the company developed another project; Ornsirin 2.


2010 – 2011
The Company expanded exponentially; 5 projects (namely Ornsirin 3, Ornsirin 4, Ornsirin 5, Ornsirin Townhome 1 and The Next Condominium 2) where our first townhouse project and condominium project were launched during these years. The company’s sales revenue started to grow steadily.


The company increased the registered capital to 500 million baht, preparing for expansion of new property development projects. The total capital of the conpany and subsidiaries were at 700 million baht, where 6 new projects (Ornsirin 6, Business Center 1, Business Center 2, The Next Condominium 1 and The Next Condominium 3) were launched during this year.


2013 – 2014
Ornsirin saw big potential in luxury property market, The ASTRA Condominium (one of the biggest residential condominiums with over 60,000 sqm. of construction area in Chiangmai) was launched. Four low-rise projects were also launched; namely Business Center 4, Business Center 5, Ornsirin 11 and Ornsirin 14, which eventually pushed the total project value to 8,600 million baht.


During this year, Ornsirin has gone through series of improvements which including restructuring the management of the organization, recruiting real-estate professionals, introducing the Quality Management System (ISO 9001) into the company working system and preparing for listing in Thailand Stock Market in the future. The company mission and vision of being a leading proprty developer in Northern Thailand focusing on building a better living for home buyers and all stakeholders under a good governance were enrooted into our employee’s minds. Parenting company, Ornsirin Holding, was established for enhancing the structure for the company future expansion. Four other subsidiaries were also founded, including of North Home company (focus on high-rise condominium project), North Home property company (focus on low-rise condominium project), Ornsirin Group company (focus on commercial property) and Ornsirin Property company (focus on housing property).


New commercial building of shophouse was launched. Urban Myx was our 19th project on the pipeline.


On Febuary 2017, Five subsidiaries were amalgamated into “Ornsirin Property company”, which operated under “Ornsirin Holding company” in order to preparing to be listed in Thailand stock market later on.


Under our vision of to be a leading property developer in Northern Thailand, Ornsirin is prepared to launch 3 more projects which are a single house project, a modern style townhouse project and resort-style condominium project.

Our vision is being a leading property developer in Northern Thailand focusing on building a better living for home buyers and all stakeholders under good governance. The company adheres importance to the whole building processes starting from the beginning until the delivery of the project and the quality home to the consumer in order that the consumer will have a good quality of life and a better living. In addition Ornsirin values all partners, customers, employees and all stakeholders to follow the company’s vision.